Visual material : work in progress 

 Jitter explorations 

trom no BG.png

Trombone bell

Image for processing in Jitter to develop video content

Jitter work in progress 1

Jitter work in progress 2

 Instruments / Samples 

Baby recorders: made from whistles from Christmas crackers and lens blowers.

baby recs space.jpg

Baby recorders: used in Voyager.

baby piano red green.jpg

Wind-up mechanical piano to midi loop: used in Revolution. 

R.O.M.P. Random Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum.

Ongoing work on interactive midi controller using Arduino / BBC Microbit 

R.O.M.P. K'nex Gimbal Mk 1

R.O.M.P. Meccano gimbal Mk 2

bartok pic.png

Béla Bartók listening to early audio recordings of Central European folk music. 

Elastic bass.jpg

Elastic band bass: sampled with Bartók's field recordings in our tune Belastica.  

Gardon: Transylvanian and Hungarian percussive cello. Emulated with elastic band on polystyrene box. 

Notation for folk song sampled in Belastica

Fanfare for the first China to Barking train.

This train is sampled in This Train.

 Time lapse / Slow-mo video 

Piano strings: slow motion video to be developed: used in Belastica.

Wakering plates 1 – discarded MOD firing range targets in Great Wakering, Essex. Used in Revolution.

Wakering plates 2 – Audio / video stretching to be developed.

 Visuals to be processed and developed 

Olde Midi – a fascination with Jacquard looms, mechanical music and midi.

Radar phasing.

revolution 2.jpg

Live Spirograph drawing video relay synched to music. (in progress).

Train Lines.


Tools / percussive impliments: for stop motion animation with Spanners

Trombone flowers8.jpg

Trombone patterns for video - sketches. 

Trombone flowers-slide square.jpg
Trombone flowers16.jpg
Trombone flowers-triple bell.jpg