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 KOGG Promo 

DOING THINGS - debut single 

 KOGG at Snape Maltings 2021

doing things.jpg
CH drum bent stick.jpg
big bone.jpg
BPA Festival of New 10-11 Sep 2021 Credit Tom Lovatt-44.jpg

Photo: Britten Pears Arts / Tom Lovatt

Photo: Britten Pears Arts / Tom Lovatt

Q and A with Des Oliver

tom - bartok smaller_edited.jpg
spanners orange.jpg
sel's back.jpg
CH piano.jpg
bagpuss piano.jpg
Kogg, FON 2021, Day Three (1).jpeg

Photo: Britten Pears Arts / Tom Lovatt

Kogg, FON 2021, Day One (10)_edited.jpg

Photo: Britten Pears Arts / Tom Lovatt

 Instruments / Samples 

baby recs space.jpg

Voyager: used in Voyager. Made of whistles from Christmas crackers and camera lens blowers and made into a midi instrument. 

Voyager in action. 

bartok pic.png

Béla Bartók listening to early audio recordings of Central European folk music. His wax cylinder recordings are used in Belastica. 

baby piano red green.jpg
slow train square.jpg
wakering shot.png

Piano Melodico - made to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Music Box Society Great Britain. Made into a midi instrument. Used in Revolution. 

Fanfare for the first China to Barking train.

This train's horn is sampled (and tuned) in Slow Train to Barking.

Iron plates near Wakering Stairs, Essex. 

Formally used as for M.O.D weapons testing. Sampled and used in Revolution

R.O.M.P. Random Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum. Ongoing work on interactive midi controller using Arduino / BBC Microbit 

R.O.M.P. K'nex Gimbal Mk 1

R.O.M.P. Meccano gimbal Mk 2

woman no.310_1 (1926).jpg

Notation for folk song sampled in Belastica

percussive cello.jpg
Elastic bass.jpg

Elastic band on polystyrene box bass: Made to emulate the Gardon. 

Sampled with Bartók's field recordings in Belastica.  

Gardon: Transylvanian and Hungarian percussive cello. 

 Jitter Explorations 

trom no BG.png

Trombone bell

Image for processing in Jitter to develop video content. Work in progress

 Visuals to be processed and developed 


Olde Midi – a fascination with Jacquard looms, mechanical music and midi.

Radar phasing.

Trombone flowers16.jpg
Trombone flowers-triple bell.jpg

Tools / percussive impliments: for stop motion animation with Spanners

Train Lines phasing.

Trombone flowers-slide square.jpg
Trombone flowers8.jpg

Trombone patterns for video - sketches. 

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