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Cerys Hogg and Selena Kay are both formally trained musicians, with diverse musical experience; Cerys’ background is in jazz improvisation while Selena had a classical training, specialising in contemporary composition. Cerys plays piano, drums and percussion, and vocals. Selena plays trombone, piano and vocals.

Selena had a classical training and as a post-graduate gained a Dutch Government Scholarship to study with Louis Andriessen at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She received various prizes for her compositions and has had her music broadcast on BBC Radio 3. She has a particular interest in a polyphonic and polyrhythmic approach to composition with influences ranging from Renaissance music to non-Western folk music and Twentieth Century composition techniques.

Cerys originally studied Fine Art focusing on performance and time-based art while also developing her skills as a musician. She gained a wealth of experience as a vocalist, pianist, drummer and band leader. She was awarded a scholarship to study on the Post-Graduate course in Jazz and Studio Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She developed her personal voice as an improvising vocalist and honed her harmonic language and approach to arranging and composition.

Cerys has been a maker of objects from an early age, particularly with a sonic or kinetic element, and interaction with these objects often forms a starting point for KOGG’s compositional process. Selena has always had a fascination with musical pattern; working with ideas such as melodic and rhythmic permutations, phase shifting, and metrical dissonance. As KOGG they combine their skills in composition and improvisation, creating new instruments and developing their own distinctive sonic world.

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