KOGG is an experimental electronic music collaboration between Selena Kay and Cerys Hogg, based in London and Shoeburyness. 


Using real and home-made instruments, sound objects, and vocals, KOGG combines composed elements with improvisation and generative approaches.


KOGG collects and manipulates audio from a variety of sources as diverse as plastic whistles from a Christmas cracker, discarded MOD firing range targets, and Bartok’s field recordings of Central European folk song.


KOGG’s music is a fusion of its members’ diverse backgrounds and interests with influences ranging from Bartok to Bowie to Brazilian music.


The result is music that is unique in style, embodying a kaleidoscopic sound world of elastic rhythms and shifting melodies, fabricated with an ear for both the familiar and the unknown.


KOGG have performed live and are currently in the final stages of recording their debut album.